Innovative New Pegasus Flight Safety Video With Marvel Super Heroes.
Pegasus Airlines, one of Turkey's leading airlines, has produced a new flight safety video featuring iconic Marvel characters, in partnership with Disney Turkey, with the message 'Even if you're a superhero, flight safety rules are important for you'
Pegasus' new safety video is conveyed through the eyes of a child who sees a number of other guests on board as Marvel characters as the rules of flight safety are explained through his imagined interactions with them. Each hero uses their superpowers to display the rules as well as showing guests what to do in the event of an emergency.
Executive Creative Director: Emre Kaplan, Ayşe Bali
Creative Group Head: Kerim Gürsel
Copywriter: Melih Ediş, Fırat Eren, Yasin Abaylı
Art Director: İlker Kayserilioğlu, Ahmet Ugurel, Tarık Çakır
Photo Retouch: Ahmet Ugurel
Producer: Kerem İlbeyli, Levent Köstepen 
Production Company: Anima, İstanbul
Director: Walky Talky
DoP: Martin Szecsanov
Music: Bülent Uludağ / Jinglehouse
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