The increase in data consumption and rise of app usage times following the introduction of LTE-Advanced technology have led Turkish mobile market leader Turkcell (NYSE:TKC) to make groundbreaking innovations in communications. Users, especially young users, began to more broadly use the Internet to meet all of their communication needs. This encouraged Turkcell, to create Lifecell as Turkey's new digital only telco to meet all of its customers' communication needs, including calls, entirely over the Internet. 
Lifecell's integrated campaign was phased in three parts. The first part; the lunch movie was based on endless/continuous imagery that which behaved very much as GiFs do. Every second of the movie contained more than a minute's worth of footage, all combined with rotoscoping. The second part was a series of online films about the incredible things happening to Lifecell customers. And the third part was a digital campaign saying to "Farewell to SMS Technology" by launching a collection of thousands of SMSs to deep space.
Launch Movie
Amazing Things are Happening with Lifecell
Farewell to SMS
Farewell to SMS, Flight Video
Photoshoot & Campaign Keyvisual
Executive Creative Directors: Emre Kaplan, Ayşe Bali
Creative Director: Can Erdogan, Ali Şener
Creative Group Head: Ahmet Ugurel, Koray Doyran, Gökhan Özdemir
Copywriter: Berkin Dalgıç, Mustafa Can Demir, Eray Cankır, Ari Koen, Gizem Şengüler
Art Director: Emre Onacak, Gizem Arlı, Saydan Çelik, İpek Kerse, Pınar Ulus, Sevil Şimşek, Yıldırım Çakmakçıoğlu, Emel Karadeniz, Resul Geniş
Agency Producer: Şafak Serter, Açelya Ülkümen, Furkan Özdemir 
Strategy: Kayansel Kaya, Zühre Erdoğan

Production Company: Depo Film
Director: Gönenç Uyanık
DoP: Firar Güney Kayran
Post Production: İstanbul Post Production Department
Motion Artist: Erdal İnci
Music: Jingle Jackson
Production Company: Vana
Film Director: Hande Türkel
Post Production: Istanbul Post Production Department
Production Company: Black Rocking Pepper
Founder, Maker: Eren Dursun
RF Engineer, Maker: Orhan Kavrakoglu
Route Planner, Maker: Serhat Demirhan

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