“I am a photojournalist, not a photographer; I certainly am not an artist. I shoot what I see. I don’t do art. I transmit what is natural, what I see to people. That is called photojournalism. A photographer is very different from a photojournalist.”

Ara Güler was an Armenian-Turkish photojournalist. Over his career, he photographed a host of famous artists and political figures. Yet for many, it is his iconic, and at times melancholic black and white photographs of his hometown Istanbul.

“Everything starts with light”

Photographs of Istanbul's inhabitants, streets, and docks, are his greatest work. Through his lens, we get a glimpse of a city and culture long gone. Many of his photographs are thought to be among the best examples of black-and-white photography.

This is a looking glass reflecting the days long gone in color.

All the photography and images belong to Mr. Ara Güler. I do not take any credit for any of his beautiful photography. Created with respect and love, using Adobe Photoshop and Neural Filters. This is an homage to his work, life, and the old days of Istanbul. I tried to take a snapshot of the snapshot and color it for future generations, creating a link to the past through space and time.
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