"I consider myself a photojournalist, not a mere photographer; I certainly don't consider myself an artist. I capture what I observe. I don't create art. I convey what is natural, what I see, to people. That's the essence of photojournalism. A photographer and a photojournalist are distinctly different roles."
Ara Güler, an Armenian-Turkish photojournalist, left an indelible mark with his lens. Throughout his career, he captured the essence of numerous notable figures, both from the realms of art and politics. However, his most enduring legacy lies in his evocative black and white photographs of his beloved Istanbul.
"Everything commences with light."
His unparalleled work revolves around images of Istanbul's denizens, its labyrinthine streets, and bustling docks. Through his photographs, we're granted a fleeting glimpse into a bygone city and culture. Many of his shots are hailed as epitomes of monochromatic photography, standing as exemplars of the art form.
This serves as a portal transporting us to days of yore, now brought to life in color.
All photography and images are the creations of Mr. Ara Güler. I hold no claim to his exquisite work. Crafted with reverence and affection, employing Adobe Photoshop and Neural Filters, this stands as a tribute to his legacy, his life, and the historical days of Istanbul. I've endeavored to capture a moment within a moment and infuse it with color for generations to come, creating a bridge to the past across both space and time.
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