Turkcell Pasaj
Turkcell Pasaj introduces an innovative approach to online shopping, revolutionizing the way transactions are made. Shoppers can easily make purchases on the platform, much like any conventional e-commerce site, with the added convenience of paying through their telecom billing.
To introduce people to this cutting-edge shopping journey, we crafted a fresh and captivating brand identity. Drawing inspiration from the grand entrances of Parisienne passages, characterized by their prominent gates visible from the streets, we harnessed the inviting essence of these entrances as the cornerstone of our visual identity.
Beyond conceptualizing the campaign, my team and I were entrusted with shaping the brand's identity, visual language, and product design. This encompassing role allowed us to seamlessly integrate the brand's ethos into every facet of its presence, ensuring a cohesive and impactful consumer experience.

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