During the early 19th century, football had a predominantly foreign presence in Turkey. The teams in Izmir were predominantly initiated by Greeks, Armenians, and British individuals. Notably, Panionios and Apollon emerged as leading teams in Izmir and across other cities. In 1912, a group of six young Turkish boys from Karsiyaka embarked on playing football, pooling their funds to purchase a ball.
As time passed, these youngsters resolved to challenge the existing football landscape by forming their club. This decision culminated in the establishment of Karşıyaka Muaresei Bedeniye Club on November 1, 1912. This very club, born out of their collective passion, has now evolved into the renowned Karşıyaka Sports Club that we know today.​​​​
Karşıyaka gets its flag. Red and Green.
Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk's affiliation with Karsiyaka finds its roots in the National Struggle era. During his visits to İzmir, Atatürk expressed a keen interest in the Karsiyaka Sports Club, frequently attending the training sessions of both football and tennis teams. Notably, he personally directed the inclusion of the crescent and star on the club's emblem. Karsiyaka holds the distinction of being the initial club that Atatürk visited in his capacity as the President of the young Republic of Turkey.
Reflecting on his experiences, Atatürk inscribed his impressions in the club's diary during his two visits. His words echo sentiments of pride and optimism: "The youth I encountered at Karşıyaka Sports Club is a source of great pride. In the presence of this youth, the promising happiness of the future becomes evident." These writings encapsulate Atatürk's admiration for the club and the bright prospects embodied by its young members.
Probably the oldest club in Turkey marks its 110th anniversary.
As we approach November, we are on the brink of commemorating the remarkable 110-year journey of Karsiyaka Sports Club. In honor of this significant milestone and to pay tribute to the enduring bond between Karsiyaka and Atatürk, we proudly unveil the "110 logo." This emblem stands as a testament to our club's enduring legacy and the profound connection it shares with history.​​​​​​​
A meander, also known as a meandros, is an ornamental border crafted from an unbroken line, intricately fashioned into a recurring pattern.
Freshly crafted kits, mirroring its profound connection to the Aegean region, are adorned with a traditional touch through the incorporation of the meander motif. This motif, with its origins tracing back to Roman and Greek civilizations, has been an enduring symbol throughout history. The term "meander" evokes the serpentine course of the Maeander River in Asia Minor, adding a sense of timeless flow to the design.
The 110th Anniversary Kits
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