Lifecell Launch
The emerging trend among young telecommunication users to rely on the Internet for their communication needs has prompted Turkcell to introduce Lifecell, Turkey's novel digital-only telecom service. Lifecell is designed to fulfill all communication requirements, including calls, entirely through online platforms.
The integrated campaign was executed in three distinct phases.
The initial phase featured a mesmerizing short film that employed a continuous stream of imagery similar to GiFs, dynamically showcasing over a minute's worth of footage in a single second, creatively combined with rotoscoping techniques.

The second phase comprised a series of online videos highlighting the remarkable experiences of Lifecell users.

The third phase involved a digital campaign, symbolizing the "Farewell to SMS Technology," as thousands of SMS messages were symbolically launched into deep space
"Amazing Things are Happening with Lifecell" Shorts
Farewell to SMS Campaign
Farewell to SMS, Flight Video
Photoshoot & Campaign Keyvisual

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