The World's Most Wonderful Gift
Aligned with Pegasus' visionary belief that travel encapsulates the essence of living life to its fullest, the inception of the 'The World's Most Wonderful Gift' painting competition in 2014 was a tribute to the notion that the exuberance of travel finds its purest expression in the boundless imagination of children.
At its inception, the campaign was a creative initiative to christen Pegasus' new aircraft by inviting guests to name it after their newborn daughters. However, this heartfelt idea soon transformed into the expansive 'World's Most Wonderful Gift' competition. Here, children's vivid artistic expressions came to life as they illustrated their dream holidays with unbridled creativity.
The zenith of this enchanting journey arrived when the winning illustration, a young girl's portrayal of her 'Dream Holiday,' adorned the livery of Pegasus' latest Boeing 737-800 aircraft. This aircraft now soars through the skies, a testament to the enchanting power of a child's imagination and a vivid reminder that, for Pegasus, every journey is a canvas where dreams take flight.
The latest addition to the Pegasus fleet has been beautifully adorned with the winning artwork from the competition, a masterpiece that embodies the "dream holiday" of the talented young artist, Ada Eminağaoğlu. This aircraft proudly bears her name, "Ada E," and was unveiled to the world during a remarkable launch event, symbolizing the harmonious fusion of imagination, flight, and the boundless spirit of travel.
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Winning entry by Ada Eminagaoglu from Izmir
With sheer excitement, Ada Eminağaoğlu exclaimed, "My painting will travel across the world on a plane!" She further shared her joy, saying, "I was very excited to find out that my painting was going to travel across the world on a plane. I am very happy and excited that now lots of people from all over the world will see my painting." Her elation reflects the profound impact of art's ability to transcend boundaries and connect people globally.
Ada's painting applied to a Boeing 737-800 template
A remarkable feat of collaboration and craftsmanship, it required the dedication of a team comprising 21 skilled experts, who invested a total of 5 days, working diligently for 8 hours each day. This extraordinary endeavor unfolded at Boeing's Factory in Seattle. The intricate process utilized a staggering 230 liters of paint, carefully mixed into 22 distinct shades, all meticulously applied to replicate Ada's captivating artwork. The dimensions of her creation, spanning an impressive 220.3 square meters, served as a canvas to transform an aircraft into a flying masterpiece.
Ada E. in action

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