LOSEV: Laughing Switch
Introducing "Laughing Switch": a donation campaign that ingeniously crafted its own path to touch millions. Laughter is universal, and across the globe, comedy shows lean on familiar laughter sound effects to punctuate their humor. But we decided to turn the tables.
In a bold move, we partnered with Turkey's most beloved radio shows to replace the well-worn laughter sounds with our unique creations. This innovative twist not only caught ears but also hearts. By making laughter our own, we fostered a sense of unity and connection, inviting people to contribute to a greater cause.
"Laughing Switch" isn't just about replacing sound; it's about replacing lives with hope. Each laughter resonated with purpose, as every chuckle brought us a step closer to supporting those in need. Laughter has the power to bridge gaps, and with our campaign, it became a bridge to change.
Laughter sounds were contributed by children diagnosed with leukemia.
The impact of this seemingly straightforward switch has been nothing short of astounding. We extended an open invitation to a nationwide audience, inviting them to share laughter with children battling leukemia and contribute to LÖSEV by simply sending a Smiley Emoji via SMS.
This novel "switch" rapidly transformed into LÖSEV's most triumphant campaign in recent memory, with donation rates skyrocketing by over 800%. The response from the public to the stark reality of leukemia was overwhelming, as conversation rates on social media soared by more than 450%. The engagement of influencers and celebrities, passionately advocating for the cause, further amplified our reach through TV and newspapers.
With minimal resources, we accomplished the extraordinary – creating a campaign that utilized an entirely fresh approach. Through the uncharted territory of our innovative switch, laughter resonated resoundingly, and it echoed so profoundly that no mask could veil the immense impact it made.
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