​​​​​​​Laughing Switch is a donation campaign which created its own medium to reach millions. Throughout the world, comedy shows rely on the same laughter sound effects as a hint to underline the jokes. Instead of these familiar laughter sounds, Turkey's most popular radio shows used our very own sound effects:
Laughter sounds belong to those children diagnosed with leukemia.
The outcome of this simple switch has been remarkable. Nation wide audience was invited to laugh along children with leukemia and donate to LÖSEV by sending a simple Smiley Emoji to SMS line. 
​​​​​​​The never been used "switch" became the most successful campaign for LÖSEV in recent years as donation rates rose more than %800. The public responded to the leukemia reality positively with conversation rates in social media raised more than %450. As influencers and celebrities taking a stand and talking about leukemia, our voice reached to millions through TV and newspapers. 
With almost no budget we had succeeded in creating a campaign and with a never been used switch we laughed big and wide, so big that no mask could hide.
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