Lifecell Teaser OOHs
In a paradigm shift from conventional telecom offerings, our pioneering Lifecell Mix deals transcend the ordinary. We empower our cherished customers to personalize their experience by selecting four of their most cherished apps, which then stand exempt from their data quota.
To vividly communicate this revolutionary offering, we ingeniously introduced billboards adorned with Wi-Fi hotspots throughout the vibrant streets of Istanbul. These billboards bore an audacious message, "You do pay over there. Here you do not!", succinctly encapsulating our novel approach. Adding a dynamic twist, each billboard was assigned a distinct Wi-Fi channel, exclusively dedicated to a specific app. This enticed visitors to step closer, connecting to the free service via our integrated Wi-Fi launch pages, effectively transitioning to Lifecell and liberating themselves from app-related data charges. This campaign not only redefined telecom advertising but also resonated deeply with our audience, merging innovation and convenience into a seamless digital journey.

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