Turkcell, Dronecell
Introducing Dronecell, a cutting-edge innovation by Turkcell, where advanced technology takes flight. Harnessing the power of an aerial base station mounted on a drone, we have pioneered a revolutionary solution capable of delivering high-speed, premium-quality audio streaming.
In times of natural disasters, search and rescue missions, or in remote locations inaccessible by conventional means, Dronecell emerges as a game-changer. Turkcell continues to redefine the boundaries of technology to serve humanity's pressing needs. Dronecell stands as a testament to our commitment to innovation for a better tomorrow.
"While continuing to invest in our mobile and fiber infrastructure, we also implement new technologies that operate on them. We launched “Dronecell”, Turkey’s first aerial base station, manufactured using domestic technology. Dronecell is capable of providing 4.5G service from a height of 120 meters across an area of 5km2. We expect it to play a crucial role in saving lives and providing uninterrupted communication, especially in the event of emergencies and natural disasters."
Kaan Terzioğlu, Turkcell CEO
Preliminary Drone Sketches
Drone Development

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