We create value both for homeowners and short/mid-term house rental guests
Hospitality has been an inherent trait of Turkish culture for generations. This intrinsic value has metamorphosed into a fruitful collaborative alliance, breathing life into your abode. 
missafir presents an array of comprehensive Airbnb management services, which encompass profile curation across more than 15 platforms, agile pricing strategies, and technology-driven operational support. These offerings empower homeowners to embark on a journey of stress-free, lucrative, and efficient home renting. Our platform is designed to ensure swiftness, reliability, and substantial profitability, making your experience as seamless as it is rewarding.
More than a roof
Within missafir, we've crafted a diverse range of sub-brands, each dedicated to catering to distinct needs. Whether you're a spontaneous weekend explorer seeking an idyllic escape or a homeowner seeking exquisite interior design, we've meticulously tailored solutions to ensure your travel or business journey is both hassle-free and rewarding.
Our emblem, a harmonious fusion of dual roofs, serves as a visual representation of these two distinct realms. Just as our logo symbolizes, the entirety of the missafir experience is characterized by its elegance, fluidity, and seamlessness. From start to finish, we're committed to providing an unmatched journey that effortlessly caters to your unique requirements.

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